Web Hosting Technologies in Malaysia

This article will go into the different technologies you will find provided by the web hosting companies in Malaysia. When subscribing to a web host, you definitely want to find one that will suit your needs. One of the factors is the technology behind their web hosting services. Web hosting companies such as MyCloud offer so many options that it can get confusing. Let’s start making sense of it all!

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting occurs when your web server is being run off the Windows operating system. This is a very popular operating system for big corporations. I will choose Windows hosting if I’m planning to run Active Server Pages (ASP) as my server scripting language. Another reason you want to use Windows hosting is when you are employing the Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access databases. Some programmers are of the opinion that Windows hosting provides the best security. As with most Windows stuff, a major downside of running Windows on your server is the cost. You typically have to pay to install this on your server. Now this can get annoying especially when it’s time for an upgrade.

Unix Hosting

Unix Hosting is the first server operating system, ever. This describes those being run on the Unix operating system. It has a solid reputation of being stable and very reliable.

Linux Hosting

Similarly, those being run on the Linux operating system are called Linux hosting. Linux used to be the default choice when it came to web hosting. While still very popular today (Many companies in Malaysia use Linux hosting), it has lost some of its appeal after the emergence of the Windows OS. It does have a very big advantage over Windows though – its cost. It is usually much cheaper.

Linux Hosting

Typically found on Linux or Unix servers, CGI are executable scripts that are placed on the server to provide interactive and dynamic websites.


We’ve mentioned this previously but let us repeat here. ASP is a scripting technology (server-side) invented by Microsoft. It allows you to build dynamic websites by placing this code within the coding of your web pages. Before the page is returned to the browser, the server will execute the code. You can also use javaScript and VBScript.


PHP is a very popular scripting language. It is completely free and is used as an alternative to ASP. Similar to ASP, it can be placed within the HTML code of your web pages. You will often find it used in unison with Apache (web server). For web development purposes, PHP is very well suited. One of the major advances is that it supports many databases, such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Informiz, ODBC and others.

If you have been hanging out with web developers lately, I’m sure you’ve heard of Dreamweaver. This is a software developed by Adobe to help programmers develop websites. You don’t very intensive knowledge of web development in order to build websites if you’re using Dreamweaver. It can support many web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, and PHP.

If you’re planning to sell online, it is quite likely you will need a secure server. This allows you to send data that is encrypted.

Those are most of the basic technologies behind web hosting. I hope you enjoyed them!


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